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  2. 第一幕
  3. Della and her husband lived a poor life. They had two valuable things: one was Jim’s gold watch and the other was Della’s beautiful, brown hair. One day, they go out for a walk.

  4. (Della approached to a special comb,fiddling with her attractive hair. )
  5. Della: (turned back to Jim then asked) Jim, this comb is strange, isn’t it?
  6. Jim: (Got close to Della) do you like it? We can buy it if you do.
  7. Dells: No. I… I am just thinking about its strange shape. (开始玩赏梳子)
  8. Jim: (Looking at and touching Della’s beautiful hair, he considered that …Maybe I can buy a beautiful comb for Della, as a Christmas gift! Her beautiful hair deserves it. Yes, she would surely like it!
  9. Della: Jim? (Smile) let’s go and see what other interesting things can find. (于是挽着Jim 的手继续往前走)
  10. Della passed by a jewelry shop, and saw a golden chain. She felt happy and went into the shop. There were two wealthy women in the shop; the boss was showing them jewelry.
  11. 路过一个珠宝店,Della从橱窗里看到一条金色的怀表链子。很高兴,便往店里走。Della看到两位贵妇人在柜台前挑选珠宝。店老板谄媚地向她们介绍珠宝和夸赞她们。

  12. Boss: (奴颜婢膝,动作夸张)Wow! Dear Madam, look, you are so perfect when you wear this ring! It’s terrific!
  13. Woman1: (美滋滋地对老板说) Really?
  14. Boss: (连忙谄媚地说)Yes, yes!
  15. Woman1: (假装淡定地侧过头问woman2)w2, how do you think of it?
  16. Woman2: (不屑一顾地瞟了一眼) Em…The color is good… How do you think about my neck chain?
  17. Boss:(赶紧冲上她们跟前,夸耀说) Wow! You have chosen one of the best neck chains. The chain is perfect for you.
  18. Woman1:W1, what is you idea?

  19. 这时德拉和吉姆进来了

  20. Woman1:(讽刺的口吻) wow, new guests.
  21. Woman2: Oh! So shabby shirt does she wear! How do they dare to come here?
  22. 两个贵妇走到德拉和吉姆面前
  23. Woman1: Do you want to buy some rings or some chains? Maybe it is a little bit expensive for you.(show off炫耀 her ring)
  24. Woman2:(骄傲且有点讥讽地问德拉) How do you think about my neck chain? Or do you think that the 500$ one is better? (拿起另外一条500$的项链在德拉面前显摆)
  25. Della:(抑制心中的不快,强笑着说)Both of them are beautiful, Madam. We just come to have a look at the goods.
  26. Boss:(这时珠宝商品商站在原地整理着自己的商品,冷冷的说) welcome to our jewelry shop.
  27. 德拉走到表链那里,看见标价为40$.二吉姆则留在原地并面对着两个贵妇。
  28. Woman1: wow! (Look at Jim's watch)Sir, your watch is so special. It must be very expensive.
  29. Jim :( shame有点害羞)My father gave it to me.
  30. Wonman2:(轻视的) I had guessed it.
  31. Della:(德拉回到丈夫身边)I think my husband’s watch is beautiful, madam.We don't need to buy anything form here. Then she went out with Jim arm in arm.
  32. 两个贵妇用鄙夷的目光看着他们走出店
  1. 第二幕
  2. Della though that the watch chain in the jewelry store matches Jim’ watch very well. Jim's pocket watch is lack of such chain. She try her best to save money to buy Jim a watch chain. One day met Bob who held a blanket of bread. She stopped him anxiously.
  3. Della:(走到鲍勃面前低声说)“Bob, I want to talk with you about something.”
  4. Bob:(不耐烦)what is up? I am hurry to send this bread to Miss …if I am late, she would be angry
  5. Della: I just bought your bread. Don’t you remember?
  6. Bob: Yeah, I can remember. So what’s wrong with that?
  7. Della: I brought 5 pounds of bread. 2.43 dollars each pound. I gave you 20 dollars. You paid me back 6dollars and 5 cents, right?
  8. Bob: (thought for a while) answer doubtfully “err ……yeah ,I think so.
  9. Della: (Very excited)well, Bob, I think you should pay me back 6 dollars and 7cents,not 6dollars and 5cents.so you owe me 2cents.you can count it again.
  10. Bob :( Very surprised) that’s not true. Della
  11. Della: (very anxious) just think about it, 2.43dollars each pound, and……
  12. Bob :( Interrupt her suddenly)I don’t want to count any more, just 2cents.
  13. Della :( A little bit angry) yes. Just 2cents.but it’s mine. You have to pay it back to me. (伸出手索要钱。)
  14. Bob :( Complaining) Oh! OK. Della. You always like this. Haggle over every ounce.
  15. (Bob put the blanket down and get money from his pocket)

  16. Bob: just 1dollar and 3cents. (Hold it highly)I give it to              you. (put it in her hand with all his strength and walk away quickly with the blanket )You are so mean!
  17. Della: (Smiles satisfied) Many thanks. (Pour all money in her hands and count again. Talking to her) how could it be like this. I just have ……I cannot buy a watch chain with it. What should I do?
  18.     (然后回家去了。)
  1. 第三幕
  2. Della felt very upset when she arrived home. Tomorrow is Charisma but she does not have enough money to buy a chain for her husband. Suddenly, she put away the basket and went out quickly. It seems that she has though of something good happy.
  3. She went into a house where people have their hair cut .A barber went to Della and with smile.

  4. Barber: Welcome your presence, madam. What can I do for you?
  5. Della :( timid) Sir, do you want to buy my hair?
  6. Barber :( he looked at her hair carefully) your hair is very beautiful. I can offer you 30$.
  7. Della: Sir, I need 40$ to buy my husband a chain as Charisma gift. Sir, please offer me 40$.Please.
  8. Barber :( though for a while) OK, I will give you 40$.

  9. The barber took out his scissors. Della sits at the chair and looks at the mirror. When the Barber is going to cut her hair, she suddenly stood up.

  10. Barber :( surprise) my lady, what is wrong with you?
  11. Della: (she nervous) Nothing. I...I think I like my long hair...
  12. Barber :( a little bit angry) my lady, do you still want to sell you hair?
  13. Della :( sit down again, say softly) let’s begin.
  14. (正在理发师开始剪时,那两个贵妇也走进这里准备弄发型。他们看见德拉时很好奇)
  15. Women1: Wow, we meet our old friend again..
  16. Woman2:What is she doing here? Is she also coming here to change her hair style?
  17. (当贵妇看见理发师剪了德拉一撮长长的头发后不禁震惊了。)
  18. Woman2:(低声对Woman1说)What a abnormal woman! Why does she make this foolish decision?
  19. The barber began to cut her hair. After half an hour, Della’s hair became very short. She sat at the chair for a while and look at the mirror with sorrow.

  20. Barber :( put away all the tools and took out 40$) Here is you money.
  21. Woman1: Oh! She sold her hair for money!
  22. Woman2: But she looks so strange
  23. 当德拉借过钱的时候,她看见这两个贵妇后很尴尬
  24. Woman1: Let me guess, are you sold your hair for money to buy a jewelry? If so, I think that you have make a ridiculous decision, because there no use to wear jewelry since you are so ugly now.
  25. 于是两个贵妇都嘲笑德拉。而理发师则在一边静静地看着德拉被嘲笑。
  26. 德拉一声不吭地出门去了。而贵妇则笑着看她的窘样。

  1. 第四幕
  2. Della went in to the jewelry shop to buy the watch chain for Jim as a Christmas gift. After she paying the money, her good friend Anny came.
  3. Anny: Oh, Della, I can hardly recognize you. Why you had your amazing hair cut?
  4. Della: I sold my hair so I have enough money to buy this beautiful watch chain
  5. as a gift for Jim.
  6. Anny: Della, I think that I should tell you something about the truth.
  7. Della: He he, about what?
  8. Anny: Jim isn’t the same man that he was in the pass. He’s changed!
  9. Della: Why you say like this?
  10. Anny: Della, you don’t need to do so many things for him. It is unworthy!
  11. Della: Anny, since you are my good friend, tell me about it.
  12. Anny: Jim has been falling in love with another young lady, and now they are shopping in the next store.
  13. (安妮说完就拉德拉到那家店门口)
  14. Anny: Now you can trust me!
  15. 德拉看到吉姆和年经的姑娘在挑着头饰,就伤心气愤地走进去把表链拍在桌面然后说How can you treat me like this?而后跑出去。吉姆也追上去。
  16. Jim: Della, why you are so angry? There must be some mistakes between us.
  17. Della: No! Jim, all is true! I saw everything by my eyes.
  18. Anny 也走到德拉身边:Della, don’t believe him anymore.
  19. Jim: Oh,my dear wife ,how can you think that .You must had thought that the young lady and I have done something bad for you .But want to insist that I love you and I always do.
  20. Della: Jim, don’t try to explain .I know that I’m not so good as she .She’s young
  21. and beautiful .But I love you, I can’t stand that you fall in love with other girl.
  22. Anny:Della,let’s go!
  23. Yiqi:Please wait a moment.(德拉它们停止脚步,Yiqi走上前对德拉说)My dear lady ,I believe that you must have made some mistakes .In fact,I don’t know this gentle man at all .All that I know is that he sold his valuable golden watch to my boss to buy the beautiful comb for his wife. You must be his happy wife .You shouldn’t had misunderstood him.
  24. Della(被吉姆紧紧抱着,吉姆听到年轻女孩为自己辩述后连忙点头。德拉看了看女孩,然后目光转向吉姆)  Is that true?
  25. Jim: Yes, you know that I will never betray you.
  26. Della: I’m so sorry .I misunderstood you just now .Jim, you shouldn’t had sold your watch, because…
  27. Jim :dear,because I love you ,I want to be happy. I can do anything for you. But now, the comb is useless, because you had you hair cut. What a pity! I don’t know why you had it cut .Dear, tell me about it.
  28. Della: Jim, because…
  29. Jim: because of what? Dear.
  30. Della :(鼓起勇气)Because I want to buy a watch chain for you to match your watch but I didn’t have enough money. So…
  31. Jim: So you sold your beautiful hair?
  32. Della:(低着头)You are right.
  33. Jim:(紧紧搂住德拉,亲吻了德拉的额头)ha ha !We all intend to give a surprise to our beloved, but now the surprise isn’t the same we want to get. How funny!
  34. Della: The comb is still useful, because my hair can grow quickly. But your watch…
  35. Jim: It doesn’t matter; I will work hard to get back my watch. The most important thing is that you are happy and you love me.
  36. Yiqi:(微笑着)I am very happy to see you dispel the misunderstand between you. I wish you a merry Christmas!
  37. Jim and Della(幸福地笑着说)Thank you! The same to you.
  38. Yiqi :I have to go ,see you!
  39. Anny:(尴尬地说)I’m so sorry. It is because of me. I shouldn’t tell you that Jim falls in love with other lady.
  40. Della: Not at all .I need to thank you for your kindness.
  41. Anny: I also need to go. see you.
  42. Jim and Della: See you!
  43. Anny:(回头对德拉他们说)I wish you a merry Christmas.
  44. Della and Jim: The same to you.
  45. Anny走后,吉姆双手捧着德拉的脸,含情目目地看着德拉。。。

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