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  1. 灰姑娘英语话剧剧本版本一

  2. 灰姑娘(Cinderella)
  3. 第一场布景:灰姑娘家 旁白:Long, long ago, there was a cute girl, her name is Cinderella, her mother was dead, and her father loved her very much. 父亲: Dear daughter! These presents are for your birthday! Do you like them? 灰姑娘: Yeah, thank you, Dad.(开心地接过) 父亲: My lovely daughter, I hope you can be happy forever! 旁白:But one day, her father married a new wife and died unfortunately. Look, her stepmother and her new sisters are COMING. 后妈: Helen, Jenny, look, how beautiful the house is! (四周看了看,开始乱翻东西,拿起些东西来看) 后妈女儿(1): Yes, and so many fruits.(一个个用手指点) Apples,bananas, mangoes and lychees. Wow, I like them. (吃水果) 后妈女儿(2):(打开衣柜,翻翻看看) Mum, look, so many beautiful clothes. I like this dress. (往身上穿) 灰姑娘:Oh, no, please, that’s my dress. This new dress is bought by my father(跑过去,想把那条裙子拿过来). 后妈女儿(2): Who are YOU? (把那条裙子藏到一边,厌恶地把灰姑娘的肩膀推了推)Mum, who is she?(退了几步,回头看后妈,用手指指了指灰姑娘) 后妈: She is your little sister. But it doesn't matter. Now! Cinderella, go, clean the room and then cook for us. RIGHT NOW! 灰姑娘: Why? I'm not your servant.(插着腰,皱着眉很生气的样子) 后妈: Yeah.(点头). But from NOW ON you are our servant.(很凶的样子) 后妈女儿(1): Mum, I like this dress. (拽灰姑娘的衣服) 后妈女儿(2):I like her necklace. (抢走她的项链戴在脖子上) 灰姑娘:Oh, no, PLEASE!!! (哭喊)
  4. 旁白:After that, Cinderella had to been their servant. She worked and worked from morning to night.(Cinderella在洗衣服,扫地,干别的家务活) She had no room to live and she have to sleep in sofa(睡在沙发上); she had no good food to eat and good clothes to wear. She was more and more dirty. 第二场布景:灰姑娘家 (士兵在门外敲门) 后妈: Who is it? 士兵: I'm the soldier of the palace. (后妈打开门)Good morning, madam, this letter is from the palace, for you and other girls in this house. Good-bye, madam! 后妈: What is it? (打开信看——欢呼,向后妈女儿(1)(2)招手)Helen, Jenny, good news! There will be a big dancing party in the palace. Prince Edward will select a queen among the young girls in this kingdom. 后妈女儿(1): Hooray! I'll be the queen! 后妈女儿(2): Hey, I will be the queen, not YOU!!
  5. 后妈: Okay, girls. You must put on your most beautiful dress and make up immediately! 灰姑娘: (小心地走出来问道)Mum, I want to go to the party, too. 两个后妈女儿: You? Look at yourself, so dirty and so ugly. (大笑起来) 灰姑娘(看着在镜子前整理衣服化妆的后妈):Mum,please, can I… 后妈: Girls, are you ready? Let's go. Cinderella, you are so dirty and ugly that you haven’t any excuse to go. And you must do your housework FIRST! Good night!! (后妈和她的女儿很骄傲地走出门外,灰姑娘很伤心地坐到地上哭了。这时,猫、鸽子和狗来了) 灰姑娘: (猛然发现)Oh, my friends. I really want to go. What shall I do? 猫,鸽子,狗: Don't be so sad, Cinderella. At least, we are with you. If we can help you, we will do our best! 灰姑娘:Oh,my friend,thank you very much. But I haven’t any beautiful dresses now! What can I do? WHO can help me? 仙女:(突然跳着舞出现) Poor girl, let ME help you. You need a carriage, you need a coachman, you need some horses, you need a bellboy, and you need a beautiful dress.(挥动魔杖,用南瓜变成马车,用老马变成马车夫,用老鼠变成马,用狗变成侍者,把灰姑娘变得很漂亮)猫、鸽子和变成侍者的狗:(睁大眼睛,看着灰姑娘)Wow, how beautiful! 猫: You're the most beautiful girl I've EVER seen. 狗: Yes! You will be the most beautiful girl in the party! (拉拉灰姑娘的手) 鸽子: Yes! You will be the most beautiful lady in this party! And Prince Edward will love you at once! (欢快地飞来飞去) 仙女: Now, Cinderella, go to the party and dance with the prince. But remember you must come back before 12 o'clock. REMEMBER, 12 o’ clock! Or you will change back into now. 灰姑娘: Thank you, kind fairy. (冲出门外) 仙女: (对灰姑娘喊)Be careful! Don't forget the time! 灰姑娘: I won't forget. (跳上马车)Good bye, kind fairy and my dear friends!! (挥动手帕,消失在暮色中) 第三场布景:皇宫中
  6. 大臣(1): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince-dancing ball. This night, our worshipful Prince Edward(这时,王子走了出来,向所有来宾鞠躬)will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .Now, young girls, come to the front, please! (女孩子们走上前) 大臣(2):(将头转向王子)Highness,how are they? Which one do you like? 王子: (皱起眉头)Mmm…I don’t think they are… (Cinderella suddenly comes in) 大臣们: (惊叹)Wow! How beautiful THAT girl is! (众来宾惊恐地回过头)旁白:She's like a fairy. She's like an Angel. She's so lovely. She's like a princess. How pretty Cinderella is! 王子:(走上前,鞠躬) Pretty lady, may I be honored to dance with you? 灰姑娘: I'd love to.(握住王子的手,开始跳舞) (Music and dance) 旁白:Beautiful Cinderella and handsome Prince Edward are dancing. They fall in love.
  7. (12点的钟声猛然敲响了,敲了6下) 灰姑娘: Oh, it's time to go back. I must go now. I am sorry that I cannot dance with you any more, sir! 王子: Wait, miss, please wait! (追上去) 灰姑娘:(急忙地跑,掉了一只鞋)Good bye, sir! 王子: (拿起鞋)Pretty lady! Why are you leaving? I must find you!! Soldiers!!士兵们: Yes!! 王子: Take this shoe to every house and let all the young girls have a try tomorrow morning. You must find the girl for me. FAST! 士兵们: Yes, highness! 第四场布景:灰姑娘家的花园中
  8. 灰姑娘:(失去了魔法的帮助,变回了原样)Oh…He was gentle, he was handsome, oh! I cannot forget him… I love him! But I hadn’t found Prince Edward and danced with him yet…
  9. 鸽子: Cinderella, don’t you know? The man who danced with you was PRINCE EDWARD!! (猫和变回原样的狗点头附和)
  10. 灰姑娘:REALLY?? My goodness!! (捂住嘴巴,不敢相信的样子) Oops, I am sorry…I haven’t done the housework! Mum, Helen and Jenny will back soon! They will be angry! See you soon, buddies! (哼着小曲跳走了)第五场布景:灰姑娘家
  11. (士兵敲门) 士兵(3):Good morning, madam.
  12. 后妈: Good morning. What’s the matter, sir? 士兵: Are there any young girls in this house, madam? 士兵(2): The pretty lady lost her shoe in the palace. 士兵(3): The prince wanted to find her and marry her. 后妈:(笑着说)Of course, sir, wait a minute!(往身后招招手,让女儿(1)过来)
  13. 后妈女儿(1): (急急忙忙跑上前)Let me try. The shoe is mine.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵: No, It's not yours. It's too small for you.(把鞋子拿开) 后妈女儿(2): (跳着大喊)It's mine. I AM the queen. Let me try it.(说着把脚伸进鞋子) 士兵(2): No, it's not yours; it's too big for you.(再次把鞋子拿开) 后妈: Hey, sir, maybe it's mine. Let me have a try. (急忙想要去穿鞋子) 士兵(3):(马上把鞋子拿走)Oh, please, it couldn't be YOURS. Are there any other girls in this house? 灰姑娘: Good morning, gentlemen, may I try it? (款款走来) 后妈 :You? That’s impossible! (大喊着,做出“快滚”的手势) 后妈女儿(1): Look at yourself, PLEASE! (讥笑)后妈女儿(2): So dirty and so ugly! Please not to waste the solders’ time! (讽刺) 士兵: Oh, ladies, let her try! Prince Edward said that all the young girls should have a try. Here, young girl, try it on, please! (送上鞋) 灰姑娘:(轻轻把脚伸进去)Thank you! (试鞋,正好合适) 后妈和两个女儿:It couldn’t be Cinderella! It couldn’t be!! Maybe there’s something wrong, sir! (疯了一样大叫)
  14. 士兵们: Wonderful! It's yours! It fits for you very well! Pretty queen CINDERELLA!! (欢呼雀跃,接走灰姑娘) 第六场布景:皇宫中 士兵: Highness! We have found the beautiful girl. 王子: Really? That's wonderful! I'll come at once. 仙女: My child, happy time is coming. Let me help you the last time. (顷刻间将灰姑娘变美丽) 王子: Oh, my dearest princess, I love you, go with me and be my queen, OK? 灰姑娘:(什么也没说,点点头,拥抱王子,两人跑回宫中) 猫、鸽子和狗: Happy forever, Cinderella! We wish you HAPPY FOREVER!!
  15. 后妈和后妈女儿们: How did it happen? It is not true!! (昏倒) 旁白:The story finished. Cinderella found her happiness. She and Prince Edward got married! And that brings us to the end of the play. Thank you and let us wish Cinderella and Edward happy forever!
  1. 灰姑娘英语话剧剧本版本二
  2. Cinderella

  3. 第一场:

  4. 旁白:Long, long ago, there was a cute girl, her name is Alice, her mother was dead, her father loved her very much. But one day, her father married a new wife. Look, her step mother and her new sister are coming.

  5. (继母与姐姐上场)

  6. Stepmother:  Jenny, look, how beautiful the house is!

  7. Helen: Yes, and so many fruits. Apples,bananas, mangoes and lychee. Wow, I like them.(吃水果)

  8. (Alice上场,站在一边疑惑地看着她们)

  9. Mum, look, so many beautiful clothes. I like this dress.(往身上穿)

  10. Alice: Oh, no,(惊叫着扑向Jenny,抢过衣服) that’s my dress. It’s a new dress my father bought for me.

  11. Jerry: (转向继母)Who are you? Mum, who is she?

  12. Stepmother: She is your little sister. But it doesn’t matter. (停顿)Look!(转向Alice)(抢过裙子)(趾高气昂地)Alice, go, (手伸向远处指指点点)clean the room and then cook for us.

  13. Alice: Why? I’m not your servant.

  14. Stepmother: Yeah. But from now on you are(强调are) our servant. (粗鲁地)Get out! Now!

  15. (Alice 委屈地走下场)

  16. Stepmother:(看着Alice下场后,满意地点头,把裙子递给Jenny)Jenny, this dress is so beautiful, is it? Why not try it on right now? It must be very suitable for you! (得意地带着Jenny下场)

  17. 旁白:After that, Alice had been their servant. She worked and worked from morning to night. She had no room to live, she had no good food to eat and good clothes to wear. She was more and more dirty, so people called her Cinderella.

  18. 第二场:

  19. (Cinderella 在扫地,Soldier上场,敲门)

  20. Cinderella:Who is it?

  21. Soldier: It’s me. I’m the soldier of the palace.

  22. (Cinderella打开门):Good morning ,Sir.

  23. Soldier :Good morning,……(被打断)

  24. Stepmother:(在场下喊道)Who are you talking with,Alice?

  25. Alice:(转头喊道)It’s the soldier of the palace!

  26. Stepmother: (依旧在场下喊) Palace?!

  27. (继母奔跑着上场,一把推开Alice,微笑着转向了士兵)

  28. Stepmother:Good morning, Handsome boy. What’s the matter?

  29. Soldier: madam, this is for you and your daughters. (递上信)

  30. Stepmother:  (惊奇地一边拆信一边问)what’s it?

  31. (Alice 靠近了想看,被继母一把推开)

  32. Stepmother: (拆开信后无声地念了两句,脸上突然出现惊喜的表情)Jenny!(脸微微偏侧,但眼神始终不离开信纸)Jerry, good news! There will be a big dancing party in the palace tonight. The prince will select a queen among the young girls.

  33. Jenny:(奔跑着上场)What?(抢过信来看) Hooray! I’ll be the queen!

  34. Stepmother:   Come on, my daughter. You must put on your most beautiful dress and make up!

  35. Jenny: Yes, I will.

  36. Alice: Mum, I want to go ,too.

  37. Jenny: (鄙夷地)You? Look at yourself, so dirty and so ugly.

  38. Alice:I….

  39. Stepmother: (哼了一声,带着Jenny下场) Let’s go.

  40. Alice: (半跪在地上,抽泣)Oh, my friends. I really want to go. What shall I do?

  41. Fairy:(从场下响起)Oh, little Alice , why are you crying? You look so blue.

  42. Alice (惊恐地)Who is it? Who are you?

  43. Fairy:  (举着魔法棒从台下旋转着上台)Don’t be afraid. I’m the luck fairy, I’m coming to help you.

  44. Alice: (难过地)Dear fairy, I want to go to the dance ball in the palace, but my stepmother doesn’t allowed me. And ..(神情低落)I’m really dirty. What shall I do?

  45. Fairy: That‘s all right. Poor girl, let me help you.(举起魔法棒,在Alice头上绕几圈)

  46. Alice:(惊喜地低头)Oh,what a beautiful dress!

  47. Fairy: (满意地)Alice, how pretty you are! You can now go to the party and dance. The prince must fall in love with you. But remember youmust come back before 12 o’clock. Or you will change back. Good lucky!(旋转着下台)

  48. Alice: (微笑着看着仙女下场的方向,轻声低喃)  Thank you , Fairy.(提起裙子,跑)

  49. 第三场:

  50. (大厅,放着声音极轻的舞曲)

  51. Minister: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prince dancing ball. This night, our prince will select the most beautiful and kindest girl to be his queen .Now, young girls, come to the front,please!

  52. Minister:(推推prince) How are they? Which one do you like?

  53. Prince:(失望地) No, I don’t like anyone. (Alice come in)

  54. Prince:(盯着Alice喃喃自语)Wow, how beautiful! She’s like a Angel.

  55. Minister:(靠近王子想要说些什么)But……

  56. (王子眼神始终没有离开过Alice,一把推开大臣,向Alice走去)

  57. Prince:(弯腰优雅地邀请) Pretty princess, may I dance with you?

  58. Alice:(提裙回礼) I’d like to.

  59. (music and dance)

  60. Prince:(深情地)Will you marry me?

  61. (响起钟声)

  62. Alice: Oh, it’s time to go back. I must go now.(推开王子向外跑)

  63. Prince: Wait, princess, wait!(追出去)

  64. (Alice跑下场,掉一只鞋在场上)

  65. Prince: (跑到场边,手向外伸出,停在了鞋前。缓缓蹲下身,拿起鞋,失落地喃喃自语)Pretty princess! Why are you leaving? I must find you!(迅速起身,向场内走)

  66. Prince: (面朝观众喊)Soldiers!

  67. Soldiers:(上场,单膝跪在王子面前,忠诚地) Yes! My prince!

  68. Prince: (交给士兵)Take this shoe to every house. You must find the girl for me.

  69. Soldiers: Yes, your highness!

  70. 第四场:

  71. (士兵敲门)

  72. Stepmother: What’s the matter, soldiers?

  73. Soldier:Are there any young girls in your family, madam? The pretty princess lost her shoe in the palace. The prince wants to find her and marry her.

  74. Jenny: Let me try.The shoe is mine.(试鞋)

  75. Soldier1: No,it’s not yours. It’s too small for you.

  76. Stepmother: Hi, come on, maybe it’s mine. Let me try it.

  77. Soldier: Oh, my god, it couldn’t be yours. Do you have another daughter?

  78. Stepmother:No, I haven’t.

  79. Alice: (在旁向前一步,怯生生地说)Hello, gentlemen, may I try it?

  80. Stepmother : You? Go away!

  81. Head Soldier: No, ladies, let her try! Come, little girl, try it on, please!

  82. Alice: Thank you! (试鞋)

  83. Soldier: Wonderful! It’s yours! It fits for you very well! You must be the pretty princess! Miss, I’m afraid you must wait for a moment, I will inform the prince and then pick you up from here.(尊敬地鞠躬)

  84. Alice:Thanks. See you.

  85. (士兵下场)
  1. 灰姑娘英语话剧剧本版本三
  2. Cinderella
  3. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella. Her stepmother and stepsisters treated her badly. Cinderella had to do a lot of housework every day. But with the help of a fairy, Cinderella appeared at a grand ball as a beautiful princess! The prince fell in love with her, and they lived happily ever after.

  4. 剧中角色:Cinderella, Stepmother, Two Ugly Stepsisters, Fairy Godmother, Prince

  5. 剧本提供:北京市西城区皇城根小学 张宇

  6. Reader
  7. Once upon a time , there was a rich man .
  8. Who had a beautiful daughter called Ella .
  9. His wife had died long ago ,
  10. and he had married again .
  11. His second wife was unkind to Ella .
  12. She made her work hard all day long ,
  13. and Ella’s clothes became ragged and torn .
  14. The stepmother had brought her two ugly
  15. daughters with her .
  16. They were both as unkind as their mother .

  17. Stepmother
  18. Go and make the beds , Ella .
  19. Then do the washing and scrub the floors .

  20. Reader
  21. When evening came, Ella was always tired.
  22. She would sit down by the fire
  23. In the ashes and cinders
  24. to rest and keep warm.

  25. First Ugly Sister
  26. Look at you, down there in the dirty ashes.

  27. Second Ugly Sister
  28. We are going to call you Cinder-Ella,
  29. Because you are always sitting
  30. in the cinders.

  31. Cinderella
  32. Oh, why are they unkind to me?
  33. I am so sad and lonely.

  34. Reader
  35. Then one day, a special invitation arrived
  36. for Cinderella’s stepmother
  37. and the two ugly sisters.
  38. They were very excited.

  39. Stepmother
  40. Look! The King is going to hold
  41. a Grand Ball at the palace!
  42. Toghter
  43. Oh

  44. First Ugly Sister(to Cinderella)
  45. You can make new dresses for all of us.
  46. We must have the most beautiful clothes
  47. To wear to the ball.

  48. Second Ugly Sister
  49. The King’s son will be there.
  50. I hear that he is looking for a wife.
  51. He might choose me!

  52. Reader

  53. On the night of the Grand Ball,
  54. Cinderella helped her stepmother
  55. And her ugly sisters to get dressed
  56. in their new gowns.
  57. Then she watched them driving away.

  58. Second Ugly Sister
  59. Come here Cinder-Ella

  60. First Ugly Sister
  61. Don’t forget my mother.

  62. Cinderella(crying by the fire)
  63. Oh, how I wish I could go to the ball.
  64. Who are you?

  65. Fairy Godmother(appearing)
  66. I am your Fairy Godmother,
  67. and I can help you go to the ball.
  68. Follow me.
  69. Fairy Godmother(tapping with wand)

  70. I will turn this pumpkin into a coach !
  71. I will turn these six grey mice
  72. into six grey horses to pull the coach .
  73. And a rat will become your coachman .
  74. Now you can go to the ball, Cinderella !

  75. Cinderella
  76. But I cannot go to the ball
  77. in these ragged clothes !
  78. Fairy Godmother(tapping with wand)
  79. Look ! You are now wearing
  80. the loveliest gown in all the land .

  81. Cinderella
  82. And I have beautiful glass shoes , too !
  83. Oh , thank you , Fairy Godmother .

  84. Fairy Godmother
  85. You can be on your way now , my child .
  86. But there is one thing to remember !
  87. You must leave the ball by midnight ,
  88. because then the magic will end ,
  89. and your clothes will be rags again .

  90. Cinderella
  91. I will not forget . Goodbye !

  92. Reader
  93. Cinderella walked into the ballroom ,
  94. and everyone turned to look at her .
  95. The Prince danced with her all night .

  96. First Ugly Sister
  97. Who is that beautiful girl ?

  98. Second Ugly Sister
  99. We have never seen her before .

  100. Reader
  101. Everyone wanted to know who she was .
  102. Cinderella was having such a wonderful time
  103. that she forgot to look at the clock .

  104. The chimes of midnight began to ring out .

  105. Cinderella
  106. It is midnight ! I must go !
  107. Prince (picking up the shoe)
  108. Come back !  Come back !

  109. Oh , no ! She has gone !
  110. I will get my servants to take this shoe
  111. to every house in the land tomorrow .
  112. Whoever it fits will become my wife .

  113. Reader
  114. The next day , the Prince’s servants went
  115. from house to house with the glass shoe .
  116. Every woman in the land tried it on .
  117. At last , the servants arrived

  118. at Cinderella’s house .
  119. The ugly sisters ran to meet them .

  120. Stepmother
  121. Open the door
  122. my dear

  123. Second Ugly Sister

  124. Oh

  125. First Ugly Sister
  126. let me try the shoe ! It will fit me .
  127. Second Ugly Sister
  128. No !  Give it here !  It is my shoe !

  129. Stepmother
  130. Stop fighting over that shoe .
  131. I will try it .
  132. Oh , no ! It will not fit me , either .

  133. First Servant (looking at Cinderella)
  134. Every woman in the land must try this shoe .

  135. First Ugly Sister (laughing)
  136. But that is only Cinderella .

  137. Second Ugly Sister
  138. She can’t wear such a fine shoe !
  139. Second Servant (kneeling down)
  140. Let me see if this shoe will fit you .

  141. Reader
  142. Cinderella slipped her foot into the shoe .

  143. Cinderella
  144. It fits me because it is my shoe .

  145. Reader
  146. Suddenly , Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother
  147. appeared again . She waved her wand ,
  148. and once more Cinderella was wearing
  149. her beautiful gown and both glass shoes .

  150. Ugly Sister (together)
  151. So it was Cinderella at the ball !

  152. Stepmother
  153. She was the beautiful girl
  154. who danced all night with the Prince !
  155. First Servant
  156. Come to the palace with us , Cinderella.

  157. Reader
  158. Cinderella went back to the palace
  159. with the servants.
  160. The Prince was delighted to see her again.
  161. Prince  
  162. Will you marry me and become my wife?

  163. Cinderella(smiling to the prince)
  164. Oh, yes. I will marry you.

  165. Reader
  166. And so Cinderella and the prince
  167. Were married,
  168. and they lived happily ever after.
  1. 灰姑娘英语话剧剧本版本四
  2. 【原创】Cinderella改编剧本  
  3. 第一幕时间:下午 地点:家大厅
  4. 人物:C,M,S (1 2 3 ) Servant soliders
  5. 幕缓缓拉开(两个姐妹悠闲地坐在客厅里,照镜子,动作定,灰姑娘跪在中间擦       地板,仆人在洗衣服。) 

  6. 1.(坐着,自我欣赏地照镜子,看着新鞋,大声叫唤)
  7.   Cinderella, come here, Clean my shoes, (稍停顿,发怒)quickly! Silly girl!
  8.   C. I’m here, my sister. Please wait a minute.(诺诺地,起身擦鞋)
  9.   2.(坐着)Look, look, look,(起身,面向观众,缓缓地) my teeth are as white as snow. (摸头发)My hair is curling. How cute(转一圈)!
  10.   3. (欢快,走进)Dear sister, sister, am I pretty?
  11.   1/2. (朝老三)Of course you are! But,(稍停) I’m still No. 1.
  12. I am!
  13. (1、2争论,叉腰)
  14. I am No.1!
  15. (转向C)Cinderella, (语速缓慢,自信)who is pretty?
  16. C. You’re all pretty! In my eyes, you are like fairies! (轻声,脸抬起)
  17. 1.Maybe you are right.(高兴的转身,又自我欣赏起来)
  18.   3.  Cinderella, comb my hair for me, please! (一边弄头发,一边叫)
  19. C. Ok, my pleasure. (快速的走到3旁边,帮她梳头)
  20. 3. Oh. Be careful, silly girl!  My hair! (大声叫骂,一把推开C)
  21. 1. Dear sister, we are so beautiful. ( 一副自我陶醉的样子)
  22. Some day, we will meet the most handsome man.(语气温柔,充满期待)
  23. 2. Then, how nice! (想象)
  24. 3. Really? I am waiting for him! (低着头,声音轻柔,模样甜蜜)
  25. 1, 2, 3: Ha ha ha. ( 姐妹一起大声高兴的笑)
  26. M. Yes, my good daughters.(摇着扇子,扭着身子入场)
  27. I’m proud of you. Don’t forget your mother ——me,(稍作停顿)
  28. is also still beautiful! (面向观众自信的,面带笑容)
  29. Cinderella,(眼盯C,大声的叫)What are you doing!(停顿)

  30. It’s lunch time.Cook the meals.  
  31. (一家4口亲密幸福,向往美好生活造型)

  32. 第二幕 灯光暗下
  33. Soldier1/2: Attention, attention, please!
  34. (两人敲锣,边大声宣布)
  35. Solider1: May we come in? (礼貌的问)
  36. Servant: Come in, please, sir. (低头,轻声,做“请”状)
  37. Soldier1: You look nice. (目不转睛的看着servant,servant害羞)
  38. M: Sir, sir, welcome. (笑容堆满,卖弄,入场)
  39. Soldier1: There will be a ball in the palace. (正式的告诉M)
  40. Soldier2: Please come with your girls tomorrow.
  41. Soldier1: Take her. (目光看着servant)
  42. 1:. Who will join? (好奇的问)
  43. Solider1: The prince!(骄傲地)
  44. Soldier2: We’ll go. Bye.
  45. M: Ok.(高兴,示意servant送)
  46. Servant: This way, please. (低头,轻声,边走边说,送出门)
  47. Soldier1: Don’t forget to come.(温柔的,期待的看着servant说)
  48. Servant: Bye, sir.(低头,红着脸)
  49. (仆人继续熨衣服,C走进来,听见她们的谈话)
  50. M:Darling, we can join the ball!
  51. 1. Oh, I can’t believe. I can see the prince.(面对观众,充满期待)
  52. 2. I will meet my handsome man. I can’t wait any more.

  53. (面对观众,憧憬兴奋)
  54. 3. I want to go, too.(非常高兴的拉着妈妈的手)
  55. (三人情不自禁地跳舞,M在一旁很自豪的笑)
  56. C. Can I go, madam? (停下来,小声,胆怯,充满期待的问)
  57. (三姐妹舞蹈停,看着C,疑惑,鄙视)
  58. M. Silly girl, what did you say? Do your things!

  59. (没好气,大声命令)
  60. C. May I join the ball, madam? (稍微大声)
  61. 2. You? (轻蔑,嘲笑地问)
  62. 1.(走向C,看一圈,指着C骂着)You are dirty.(走开)
  63. 3. Only, we, (稍做停顿)elegant ladies,(骄傲,强调地)may join.

  64. 第三幕
  65. 时间:第二天傍晚 地点:家 人物
  66. (M在化妆,自我欣赏,C为她梳头,Servant在门口候着)
  67. M:(对着后台,大声)My daughters ,are you ready?
  68. 1. Just a minute.
  69. 1/2/3:Here we are!(穿着最漂亮的衣服,走进大厅)
  70. M:Wow!
  71. 1/2/3:Mother, are we beautiful?
  72. M: Yes, my daughters are all very beautiful.
  73. 2: May we go now?
  74. M: En, it’s time for ball. We can go.
  75. 1/2/3:Let’s go!
  76. (四人高贵优雅地离开,仆人在后面跟随)
  77. 《沉思曲》响起,灯光暗下,C独自一人,伤心落泪
  78. C: Why,why can’t I join the ball?
  79. (看天空,缓缓地,声音由小到大地,呼唤)My mom, where are you? I miss you! I miss you so much. Please help me, mom!(哭)
  80. 音乐停
  81. Fairy:(走进C,温柔地)Why are you crying, my poor girl? Why not go to the ball? All the girls are in the palace now .
  82. C:I have much work to do and I look so ----(楚楚可怜)
  83. Fairy: Don’t cry. I can help you.
  84. C:(C 半信半疑,感激,看着F)Really?
  85. But you must come back before 12 o’clock! Remember!
  86. C: Ok, I will.
  87. 第三幕结束,拉幕
  88. 四幕  皇宫
  89. (皇宫盛大舞会上,场面气派.华尔兹音乐响起,全场统一舞步)
  90. Soldier1: So many pretty girls, why not dance with them , my sir?
  91. Prince:(摇头,没兴趣状).
  92. Soldier1(突然看到了小仆人,兴奋)Oh, she comes.
  93. (走向小仆人)Nice to see you again. May we dance?
  94. Servant: ok.
  95. (加入舞群)
  96. (C走进,惊艳全场,所有人为她停下,窃窃私语:

  97. Wow, I can’t believe it ! She is too pretty!----------)
  98. Prince:(走向C,爱慕状) Pretty girl, May we dance?
  99. C: Yeah.
  100. (全场只看他们的表演,赞叹,鼓掌欢呼)
  101. (12点钟声响起。)
  102. C: Sorry, I must go now.(快跑,落下一只鞋)
  103. Prince: Oh, my girl, don’t go! (手捧水晶鞋) Where are you from?

  104. Wait! Wait!
  105. 第四幕结束,拉幕

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