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英语小品剧本 -- 貂禅

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  1. A Story of Affinity, Love, and Faithfulness
  2. MADE BY School of Business and Economic
  3. (品协协办)

  4. Directed by Le Kedeng Written by Li Jie
  5. 导演: 乐可登(兼灯光) 编剧:李婕
  6. Music by Zou Yuting Produced by Zheng Yi
  7. 音乐:邹玉婷 监制:郑怡

  9. Diao-chan貂婵 Adopted daughter of Wang-yun, a very beautiful
  10. lady.
  11. ------Played by Qian Jinglu(Main Actress)钱晶露饰(女主角)
  12. Dubbed by Huang Yulin黄煜琳配
  13. Wang-yun王允 Prime Minister of Han Dynasty, a mercy official.
  14. ------Played by Yi Si易思饰
  15. Dubbed by Jiang Mingqing江铭卿配
  16. Lyu-bu吕布 Adopted son of Dong-zhou, one of the greatest fighters during the time.
  17. ------Played by Liu Hang(Main Actor) 刘行饰(男主角)
  18. Dubbed by Huang Jixiang 黄吉祥配
  19. Dong-zhou董卓 A cruel, brutal, and powerful courtier controlling
  20. the royal government.
  21. ------Played by Sun Fan 孙帆饰
  22. Dubbed by Xia Xin夏鑫配
  23. Soldier ------Played by Jiang Yan姜岩饰
  24. Dubbed by Xia Xin夏鑫配
  25. Introducer-----Xia Xin夏鑫
  26. Storyteller-----Jin Beifang金蓓芳
  27. (In front of the Curtain)
  28. Preparing
  29. Introducer[五位演员一起登场,一位讲解员进行介绍.]

  30. Hello, everybody here. This is a story about Diao-chan.
  31. Now I want to introduce all the characters for you.
  32. The first role is Diao-chan, the female hero in this play.
  33. This is Wang-yun, Diao-chan’s father. And our lovely soldier.
  34. A brutish man, Dong-zhuo. The last is the greatest fighter
  35. in our
  36. story, Lyu-bu, General Lyu.
  37. Now let’s begin our story.
  38. [演员、讲解员回到幕后]

  39. (Curtain up)
  40. [幕拉开,灯光不开,同时我们的Storyteller 开始道来]
  41. Storyteller: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,now come along and enjoy my show. Today I’m going to tell you a story-- A story about Diao-chan, a marvelous beauty; a story about love; a story about hate, and a story about loyalty and betrayal.
  42. [说到这里,幕已全开。然后后灯打开,从观众角度来看可以看到黑色
  43. 的人影]
  44. Some 1500 years ago, it was the last regime of the Han Dynasty. At a quiet late midnight, Wang-yun, the Prime Minister of the time, was worrying about the future of his country.

  45. Act 1
  46. 地点:王允家
  47. 人物:王允,貂禅
  48. SCENE 前灯打开,观众角度可以看到舞台上的一切。音乐响起,伴随着《三国演义》的主题歌,王允在来回踱着步哀叹。
  49. Wang-yun: 心理独白 Now those ambitious courtiers started to scramble for power, profit and influence.
  50. Wang-yun: But there’s nothing I can do because of Dong-zhou’s
  51. adopted son, Lyu-bu. He is the greatest fighter ever since
  52. and will protect his father! Oh my lord, what am I going to do?
  53. (说完王很心痛得走,貂禅出现,双手合十,默默祈祷)
  54. Diao-chan: (Sigh) [My lord, please help my father out.
  55. [王允听到了声音,循声而去. ]
  56. Diao-chan: since I was three my father Wang-yun had treated
  57. me just like his own daughter! It’s time for me to repay
  58. his kindness. And, and…
  59. Wang-yun: (王允走了一圈,发现貂)What are you doing ,my dear?

  60. Diao-chan: Well… I have an idea about how to kill Dong-zhou.
  61. Wang-yun: Oh, That’s great! But……
  62. Diao-chan: But Daddy, that is the only way!
  63. Wang-yun: But……
  64. Diao-chan: [Diao-chan nods her head, with a firm and determined expression on her face.] Don't worry! Just trust me.
  65. Dad. Let’s get the whole thing started.
  66. Wang-yun:[深深吐了一口气,缓缓地道出]O---K
  67. (灯光暗后复亮,表示场景的转换)

  68. Act 2
  69. 地点:王允家
  70. 人物:王允,貂蝉,吕布,董卓,士兵
  71. Storyteller: And according to Diao-chan’s plan, Wang-yun has invited both Lyu-bu and Dong-zhou separately to his house.
  72. SCENE 灯光亮起。At Wang-yun’s home. A wooden Chinese table is set in the middle of the stage; some Chinese wine pots and
  73. small wine cups are on it. Also, two wooden chairs are placed
  74. next to it. Wang-yun talking to the servant with anxious
  75. Wang-yun: What time is it?
  76. Servant: It's eight.
  77. Wang-yun: It 's time for his coming. Have a look!
  78. Servant: Yes sir. Oh, Sir, General Lyu is at the door.
  79. Wang-yun: Hurry, my dear. Lyu-bu is already here.
  80. Diao-chan: Don’t worry about me. Let me go inside and prepare myself, OK? [She walks in.]
  81. [她进去了。同时,响起butterfly乐曲,貂跳起了跳舞毯,
  82. 作为热身准备的交代。]
  83. Wang-yun: [To the servant] Let him in.
  84. servant: Yes, sir. [The servant goes out and leads Lyu-bu in]
  85. Wang-yun : [觉得BUTTERFLY的声音太响,不堪忍受回头说了句]Oh,
  86. My dear, turn down a bit.
  87. [音乐转轻至停止]
  88. Lyu-bu: [Walk towards Wang-yun and hug him] Long time no see, Mr. Wang. How have you been these days?
  89. Wang-yun: Fine, thank you. Please take a seat. In fact,
  90. the main reason why I invited you today is that my daughter, Diao-chan, has been an admirer of you long time ago.
  91. She would really love to see her hero. I was wondering weather you would like to meet her?
  92. Lyu-bu: Definitely! I’m delighted to do so.
  93. Wang-yun: Diao-chan, Diao-chan…
  94. Diao-chan: [Walks out from the painted screen.
  95. Using her sleeves to cover her face,
  96. pretending to be shy.] Yes, Daddy.
  97. [Diao-chan 以一个漂亮地步子走上前,看到Lyu-bu 害羞地低下头。
  98. 王允开始介绍]
  99. Wang-yun: This is my daughter, Diao-chan.
  100. And this is General Lu, the greatest fighter in the world!
  101. Diao-chan: [Putting her sleeves down.] Nice to meet you, General! I’ve admired you for a long time, a man full of
  102. power and grandeur!
  103. Lyu-bu: [Shocked by her beauty.] Uh…Wang-yun,
  104. this is your…your daughter? Of course,
  105. you see. How lovely she is! And how deep I am in love
  106. with her just at the first sight!
  107. Diao-chan: [躲到父亲的身后] Thank you for your compliment, General Lu.
  108. Wang-yun: Lyu-bu, since you are in love with Diao-chan,
  109. then I now betroth my daughter to you! What do you think?
  110. Lyu-bu: [心不在焉]Pardon?
  111. Wang-yun: Marry.
  112. Lyu-bu: (激动万分)Oh,Really? That would be my greatest
  113. pleasure! Thank you so much! I will go and prepare
  114. for the wedding,
  115. and will be back soon!
  116. [He looks at Diao-chan and reluctantly left from the right.]
  117. [吕布回去,王允和貂禅对话]
  118. Wang-yun: [Making sure that Lyu-bu has left, looking very relieve.] Thanks God that things are going fine!
  119. Diao-chan: [Smiles at her father.] Yeah…So far so good!
  120. Wang-yun: But dear, I can’t stop worrying about you.
  121. Here you are. In case you are in dangerous.
  122. [给刀子]
  123. Diao-chan: [突然听到有人来了]Hush…I heard someone coming.
  124. I shall stay behind the painted screen right now.
  125. [She walked behind the screen.]
  126. Soldier: His highness Dong-zhou enters
  127. [Dong-zhou 抬着头。傲慢地走进来。王允被吓倒地]
  128. Wang-yun: Welcome! Welcome! Almighty Mr.
  129. Dong! It’s my greatest honor to invite you to my humble
  130. house! Please come in and take a seat.
  131. Dong-zhou: No. This is my name card.
  132. Please call me Dr.Richard Dong. I have graduated in School
  133. of Business and Economic in ECUST,received Doctor degree
  134. [拿出毕业文凭,大笑]
  135. Wang-yun: Oh…yes! So great! By the way, Mr. Dong,
  136. my daughter Diao-chan would like to perform a dance for you. What do you think?
  137. Dong-zhou: Sure! Why not!
  138. [Diao-chan跳舞而出,响起‘至少还有你’,然后演貂禅的演员跳起一段民族舞蹈,相信可以让大家心旷神怡。]
  139. [舞罢]
  140. Dong-zhou: [Applauds happily] Charming! Absolutely charming!
  141. Diao-chan: Thank you, Mr. Dong. I am glad that you enjoy my performance.
  142. [迎上,董卓赠于她一块玉佩]
  143. Thank you. You have always been a hero in my heart.
  144. Dong-zhou: [Very glad] Really? Come here!
  145. [Diao-chan approaches him and Dong-zhou gives her a closer look.]
  146. Dong-zhou: You are such a beauty, my dear.
  147. Wang-yun: Do you really think so? What if I dedicate her to
  148. you as a token of our respect? I believe that it must be her
  149. dream to be at your side and to serve you.
  150. Dong-zhou: Wonderful! [Turns to the soldiers] Soldiers take
  151. Diao-chan back to my residence and provide her whatever she needs. Her beauty deserves all the best! [倒上桂林三花酒]
  152. [Turns to Wang-yun] Cheers! For your beautiful daughter!
  153. Wang-yun: Cheers!
  154. [Diao-chan walks away with the soldiers while Dong-zhou and
  155. Wang-yun keep chatting and drinking.]

  156. (灯光暗后复亮,表示场景的转换。背景道具变化,表示场景的较大变化)

  157. Act3
  158. 地点:董卓安置貂禅的别院
  159. 人物:吕布,士兵,貂禅,董卓
  160. Storyteller: Filling himself with anger and fury, Lyu-bu goes directly to his father’s residence, searching for Diao-chan.
  161. 灯光亮起
  162. SCENE At Dong-zhou’s residence.
  163. A huge pavilion is at the right of the stage,
  164. with a horizontal inscribed board saying “Dong’s Pavilion”
  165. hanging on it. Around the pavilion are some plants and
  166. Chinese garden settings. A soldier stands at the right
  167. of the stage. Diao-chan sits in the pavilion,
  168. reading peacefully.
  169. [Lyu-bu rushes out of the stage.]
  170. Soldier: Sorry, General Lu. Miss Diao is now in the garden.
  171. No one can go in to disturb her. It is Mr. Dong’s order.
  172. Lyu-bu: Get out of my way! I need to see Diao-chan!
  173. [拿出一包银子]
  174. Soldier: Ok.[吕布进]
  175. [士兵走到一旁满足的笑笑。吕布气势汹汹冲到貂房里。貂哭]
  176. Lyu-bu: My dear. Don’t cry. Tell me. What had your father
  177. done to you?
  178. Diao : He forced me to stay here with him. A soldier is
  179. always out there to prevent me from escaping.
  180. [吕布愤怒的看看士兵,走上前,一推]
  181. 士兵[倒地]:ahh. You have destroyed me.
  182. Lyu-bu: shut! [拿出了又一包银子给他]
  183. Soldier: I must see my doctor at once.[走开]
  184. 貂[哭着]:I know that he is your father, and I know that I shouldn’t tell you about his terrible acts. But ……
  185. Lyu-bu [火冒三丈]:It’s all right. Don’t blame yourself.
  186. In fact I never know that man whom I called father is
  187. such a brutal animal!
  188. Dong-zhou已在身后,冷笑:Who is such a brutal animal?!
  189. Lyu-bu退后三步
  190. (灯光渐渐变暗直到看不见为止. Lyu-bu walks out slowly from the right of the stage, 灯光只打在他身上)
  191. Lyu-bu:(心里) [Looking troubled, with a sword on his hand]
  192. To be or not to be, that is always the question. On one side,
  193. it is my own father, but the other, my dearest lady.
  194. (响起“左右为难”高潮段音乐,“一边是友情,一边是爱情”) Oh, Lord! What should I do? Dong-zhou is so brutal and heartless, but he is my father after all! I can’t kill him.
  195. [Puts down the sword] But, what about Diao-chan? I can’t live without her! She is so helpless under Dong-zhou’s control.
  196. I must save her. Yes, I must save her, despite of anything!
  197. [He draws out the sword again]
  198. (灯光全部打开,照亮整个舞台)
  199. Lyu-bu: Father, I want Diao-chan back.
  200. Dong-zhou: No way. She belongs to me.
  201. Lyu-bu: But I love her! I want her to be with me, despite
  202. of anything!
  203. Dong-zhou: Never. She is mine!
  204. Lyu-bu: [Charges Dong-zhou with the sword] Then, this is
  205. what you deserve![刀刺向董卓]
  206. Dong-zhou: What are you doing, my son? Don’t be foolish…
  207. Auh…(Be killed by Lyu-bu.)
  208. Lyu-bu: [His hands shaking] I…I have killed my own father!
  209. I have killed my own father. …What have I done?
  210. [ 他重重地蹲了下去,垂头丧气。灯光变得很昏暗,
  211. 只有追光灯打在他身上]
  212. Diao-chan: General Lyu.
  213. [Lyu-bu听到Diao-chan的声音,突然抬起头。]
  214. Diao-chan: Let’s go. Leave away from here.
  215. Lyu[沉思片刻,使他此感中走了出来]: Yes, my dear.
  216. [Lyu-bu走到Dong-zhuo跟前重重地踢上一脚,然后和Diao-chan
  217. 慢慢地小步离去,
  218. 舞台上剩下Dong-zhuo的尸体和Lyu-bu & Diao-chan 的背影。
  219. Introducer (背景音乐起):After Dong Zhou’s death,
  220. the turbulent
  221. country had restored into a peaceful lank.
  222. Diao Chan, the matchless beauty, the plain slave-girl.
  223. She sacrificed her own happiness for the best of her country.
  224. And gained her position in the Man-controlled era.
  225. Today, we still remember the love story of Lyubu and Diao-Chan,
  226. not for its sincerity, its heartbreak effect. But for its
  227. concern with the future of the country .We extol Diao-Chan ,
  228. noras much she was one of the 4-beauties of Ancient China as
  229. she was a real heroine.

  230. The end

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